Warsaw is a modern capital city, centrally located not only in Poland but also in Europe. Transportation is easily provided from most major cities across the globe. It is possible to get here via bus, train or plane  whether you’re on a budget or in business class.

Getting around in Warsaw

Warsaw is famous for its extremely well-developed and reliable public transport system so we strongly encourage you to use that form of getting around. 

A single ticket is about 1 EUR and it’s valid on trams, buses and the underground for 75 minutes (you can switch to another form of transport as many times as you like in that time)

We recommend buying either a weekend ticket (6 EUR), valid from Friday 19:00 until Monday 8:00 or a 3 day ticket (8 EUR) valid for 72 hours from the moment of its validation. 

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Tickets can be bought at kiosks, newsagents’, mobile apps (unfortunately they’re all in Polish) some small grocery shops like “Żabka” (“frog”), which you’ll find at every corner, ticket machines at the bus/tram stops, or from the ticket machine inside the vehicles. You can pay with either cash or card there. You can not buy a ticket from the bus/tram driver. 

If you’re staying in Warsaw and not some town nearby, you only need a ticket for zone 1.
All of the tickets are also valid on the S2, S3, RL trains going to/from the Chopin Airport. 

Alternatively, you can download an app (Veturilo or Nextbikes) to use one of the city bikes or rent an electric  scooter via an app – Bolt, Lime, Blinkee, Dott. There are also lots of taxi options available: Uber, Bolt, Free Now being the most popular apps. The Free Now app allows you to both book a taxi or rent a scooter. 

For more information please go to Transport for Warsaw website



There are two airports: the main airport is a bit outside of the city center – Port Lotniczy im. Fryderyka Chopina, and one in a city about an hour drive from Warsaw – Port Lotniczy Modlin. Arriving to Chopin, you can make your way into the center using public transport, Uber, train or taxi. If you arrive to Modlin you can get to the city center by bus shuttle, train or Uber.

For more information please visit the websites below:

There are international airports in other beautiful cities in Poland. If you feel adventurous and want to see some other places before reaching Warsaw, we definitely recommend that. Getting to Warsaw from any other place in Poland is a very simple task



Traveling with train is convenient and rather inexpensive. Warsaw is connected with every city in Poland and almost all major cities in Europe. Please check the website below to see the details of connections:


Bus connections in Poland are more popular and even better developed than the trains. Just like trains it is fairly easy to get to Warsaw from any city in Poland or with other European countries. Please check the website below to see the details of connections: