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Annual European Convention for Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous

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5-7 August !!!

About Warsaw 2022 EURYPAA Host Committee

We are garden-variety alcoholics from Europe who got sober at a young(ish) age and stay sober and young at heart. We have been blessed with the gift of sobriety and we believe that service saves lives. We see it as our privilege and duty to pass it on to other still suffering alcoholics both in and out of the AA rooms. We are enthusiastic about AA and the AA message, and we want to spread the joy, energy, and love that we experienced at EURYPAA ourselves. We  want to enrich and inspire the future of AA in Poland by making the EURYPAA message available to anyone young of age or young at heart.

Beloved Euryys! We are well aware of Europe’s geography and current situation.  We wanted to assure you that Poland is safe to travel to and get around in. AA in Poland was, is and, with God’s help, will be a safe harbour for every alcoholic no matter  the nationality, religion, race, or any other attribute (unless you are still drinking, then you may have problems because alcohol here is super cheap).

You can help us and tell the others about EURYPAA 2022!!! 

You can get in touch with us on:

With lots of... lots of.. lots of... LOVE ....